More About Me

Home is the ultimate place of belonging. It’s where we let our hair down, put our feet up, and just BE.

I am thrilled to have a career that brings together two decades of finance and consulting experience, with my knowledge of Portland neighborhoods, my love of homes, and my passion for finding people their perfect place of belonging. For 20 years I have been charmed by Portland’s vibrant neighborhoods. I know them best by their greenways and parks, great food, and fun shops. I never get tired of visiting, looking, and sharing with others, this magical city!

I chose real estate so I could connect with my community and make a positive impact on people’s lives. Keeping it “Real” Estate is about being genuine and heartfelt. My approach is to care personally, listen actively, and be your advocate in buying or selling a home. I use all the resources at my disposal to make your life easier, while providing valuable guidance, simplifying the home transaction process, and building trusted relationships. Ten years as a consultant taught me the vital importance of communication and the critical skill of being organized while coordinating between multiple stakeholders to keep things moving.

When I'm not obsessing over houses, spending quality time with my teen is a high priority. I love being outdoors, riding my bike, baking, making crafty things, decorating, reading, and hanging out with friends. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a deep commitment to environmental justice and living sustainably, because as the saying goes, there is no Plan(et)-B. I also believe in the strength of diversity, the beauty of self-expression, and the power of equality to elevate the human experience.